Praying in a Pandemic


Here are some suggestions of prayer activities that might help you connect with God as you enjoy your daily walk. As you prepare to leave you home, pray that you will be open to encountering God in different ways and ask him to accompany you on your journey today. Look out for some of the things below and choose which ones you want to focus on today.


Neighbouring homes - pray for God’s blessing upon your neighbours and those living in your street.

Flowers/ blossom trees – thank God for all the good things in your life as you pause to enjoy their beauty.

Crossroads/road junction – reflect upon any choices or decisions you are facing at the moment and ask God to guide you and show you the path you should take.

Bins – take a moment to think about anything you have said or done recently which you regret. Imagine throwing those things into the bin. As you confess them, let go of them and receive God’s free gift of forgiveness and reassurance.

Shops/businesses – pray for all those working to feed and support the nation, especially key workers. Think about those facing economic hardship and pray for God’s provision for them.

Sun – as you feel the warmth of the sun shining enjoy the warmth of God’s love for you and rest in his embrace as a child in a loving parent’s arms.

Postbox/telegraph poles – remember all those you will contact today through email, social media, on the telephone etc… and pray that those conversations will be mutual blessings.

Bird song – as you listen to the birdsong, pray that God will open your ears to enable you to hear what he wants to say to you today.

Drains – reflect upon those things you find tiring and draining that seem to sap your energy. Ask for God’s help to faithfully attend to those things you need to and the wisdom to know what you can discard and let go of at this time.

Street names/road signs – think about how you are acting as a sign of God’s love and pray for opportunities to point others to Jesus and ways to model and demonstrate his love.

Wind – as you feel, see and hear the wind blowing, pray that God will send his Holy Spirit upon you and fill you to overflowing with his life, love, energy and gifts.

People – as you see and pass others, greet them and offer words of comfort and encouragement. When you have walked on, pray for God’s blessing upon them and that they might come to know God’s love for them.

Your doorstep – as you return home, thank God for being with you and pray for his blessing upon your home and family, committing yourself to be a channel of his mercy and grace for the remainder of the day.

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